“A child who doesn’t read is a child who doesn’t dream”.

Félicia is the co-founder of AL. She takes care of the projects in English and French, and our social media accounts. She is the ‘heart’ of Articoli Liberi. Thanks to her we found the energy and the motivation to start.

I was born in France near Paris but I have never really felt totally French. My fascination for Italy and the Italian language started when I was a teenager and since then I have always known that somehow Italy was my adoptive mother country. So as soon as I could, I went to live in Italy, where I stayed for more than 7 years, in Turin and then in Parma. After moving to Australia for a year, I finally came back to France, in Nice very close to my dearest Italy. Thanks to these years abroad, I managed to become a translator from English and Italian to French. Since my childhood, my best friends have always been books. If I don’t read my life becomes suddenly so dull; so colorless. My whole world revolves around books, as a reader but also as a translator who got the opportunity to live her dream by translating a novel, and finally as a writer. In London where I live now, I am blessed to be able to be surrounded by children every day and to work in a school which values so much the power of imagination. These children are lucky enough to have a huge library for themselves. Despite the technology around them, a book is still a sacred object for them. But not every child is as lucky as them. And that is our duty to bring the books to them. Because a child who doesn’t read is a child who doesn’t dream. And it cannot happen on our watch.

Andrea is our official CFO. He carries on the communication with professors, authors, librarians, readers, funambulists, and whoever wants to join our cultural mission. He is also in charge of all the boring redtape and the admistrative stuff.
The following (titled Andrew in flames) is the most serious short-bio that we managed to get from him:

‘He was born with the gift of laughter and the feeling that the world was mad…’ Since his first years of life, Andrea was renewed for his exceptional mind, passing his first IQ test at the age of 3 with the IQ OF 165. Thanks to his faculties, as well as other numerous personal gifts, he became a financial analyst in Geneva. He leads a happy and rich life traveling the world with his beloved wife Sissy.

Dolly is the librarian at Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill. She joined us in 2018 with great interest and curiosity. Dolly takes care of our books in English and helps us diffuse them amid the students in the UK.

Short Bio coming soon…


Luis is our promoter. He takes dozens of books with him around the world (in this picture, he is with some children in Panama).
If you want to know where Luis is now, visit him at his travel blog: The World in Tandem

I was supposed to work in my family Law business, which I did for a few years. Then I decided to follow my heart and I started traveling the world with my favorite novels in my backpack. I’ve been living in many places across Europe, the Caribbean area and South America. I am always open to new opportunities anywhere in this wonderful world, therefore, I was glad to join this project and share with you my passion for reading and traveling which are more or less the same thing…

And Frank, who entrusted us his Brief Dialogue on Happiness and keeps this blog up to date (with tremendous delay). He also takes care of our texts in Italian. You can visit him at his personal blog: here.

I started to give free books to the young in 2014, when I met the “poor president” Pepe Mujica, in Montevideo. I came to believe that this was my true vocation. In our modern societies, obsessed by competitions of all sorts and run by analphabet politicians which offer smartphones, I decided to offer books instead. But I did everything alone and it was quite sad. When Félicia and the others joined me and we created Articoli Liberi, everything became more funny. Our project is getting more and more structured and we are giving thousands of copies all around the world…

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