“El Misterio de Santa Caterina: A Collaborative Project” is out!

Students from the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Augusta University did it again! El Misterio de Santa Caterina is out today!

From the inside flap:

“El misterio de Santa Caterina is the outcome of a semester-long collaborative project in Professor Giada Biasetti’s Spanish Translation class that came about as a result of Frank Iodice’s participation in Augusta University’s Writers Weekend and his class visits. 

The students translated two chapters of A Perfect Idiot in collaboration with the author. This edition includes both the Spanish and the English versions.

The other short stories are the result of the talent, commitment, and hard work of the students taking Professor Biasetti’s Spanish Composition class”.

In other words, the first part of this book is the translation of Perfect Idiot, the novel that we are distributing for free amid universities and high schools. Augusta students translated a chapter into Spanish. Signorina Rosario Rossi and the priest don Vito Palladino’s love story is now reaching a new audience. Love is really a multilingual matter!

The second part is filled with the short stories written directly in Spanish by the students and edited by professor Biasetti.

Una salida del mundo by Victoria Forsmark analyses the relationship between a young girl and her mother; La última despedida by Giselle Chavez shows how we can keep our secret stuffed animal friends alive even when we grow up; La travesía fuera del jardín by Perry Barinowski is an intimate, deep dialogue with our inner child… And there are many more that you will discover on your own. The result is a terrific bilingual project, which will be diffused for free amid the young and will become a part of the Augusta community and its surroundings. Copies of this book will also be given to libraries. book drives, and associations that focus on Hispanic culture and foreign language teaching.

With this project we confirm our collaboration with a great fine art illustrator, Fernando Cobelo, who realized the whole cover project with all of the details. Cobelo’s delicate and ironic characters will lead you into the story even before you open the book…

El Misterio de Santa Caterina

Articoli Liberi 2019

Cover art: Fernando Cobelo

Editing: Giada Biasetti


(and wherever we will run into young, hungry minds)

New Translation Project at Augusta University English and Foreign Languages Dpt

Students taking Dr. Giada Biasetti’s Introduction to Spanish/English translation class in the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Augusta University are working on an exciting real-life project in collaboration with Italian author Frank Iodice and the Non-Profit Organization Articoli Liberi. Students are translating chapters of Frank Iodice’s novel A Perfect Idiot from English into Spanish. It is a semester-long project that includes various revisions, writing workshops, and peer-reviews. They are also working in collaboration with the author, who is reviewing the translation to make sure that it is faithful to the original and to his style. It will give students a real-life and hands-on experience on what it means to be a literary translator and work in collaboration with a published multi-lingual author. The final product will be sent out to be published as an excerpt of the entire novel with a title of its own. In fact, students are also working on finding a creative and original title for their translation, which focuses on two particular characters of the novel: Don Vito Palladino and Signorina Rosario Rossi. They are so excited to be a part of this project and Dr. Biasetti can’t wait to see the final product! She is very proud of her students and hopes that it will be a great learning experience for them.

Grazie mille to: Patricia Bustinza Rojas, Jasmine Cole, Gabriel Foral, Faith Gadson, John Paul Lynn, Ana Mena, Lexie Mosley, Lejla Mujadzic, Erin Newark, Rebecca Rowland, Khristina Salazar, Allyson Smith, Adi Thiru, Tara Watts, and Colton Williams.

Also participating in the project are Dr. Biasetti’s students taking Introduction to Spanish/English Interpretation: Jacob Bonitatibus, Marcia Diehl, Carol Giardina, Lejla Mujadzic, and Siera Sisson.

Our Books Free to Columbia County Alternative School

Thanks to Professor Giada Biasetti and Lucinda J. Clark, founder of PRA Publishing, the students at the Columbia County Alternative School can discover the story of Odette, Meli Montreux and the narrator of “A Perfect Idiot” and discover Italian Author, Frank Iodice. Thank you again for your passion and support! And sorry, sorry, sorry to those of you who couldn’t get a copy!!!

A Perfect Idiot at the Writers Weekend 2019

Articoli Liberi crossed the ocean! We were at the Writers Weekend at the end of January, hosted by the Creative Writing Program and the English and Foreign Languages Department at the Augusta University with our author Frank Iodice who presented his book “A perfect idiot”. Thank you very much to Professor Giada Biasetti for her dearest support and faith in the project! More that 50 copies were offered to the students during the class visits. We all wish that many of them will have a chance to read Frank’s lovely book!