We are currently OPEN to new submissions.

Reese Library, Augusta

If you think a book can change your life, and if you are a devoted reader or an author who is trying to get published, join Articoli Liberi! We are a bunch of passionate readers who have been traveling around the world and inside many books. We believe in the importance of nourishing children imagination. A child who reads is a child who dreams; he is a future adult ready to invent or tell new stories. Articoli Liberi was born in France but since we are all from different countries, we aim to distribute books in any language, and not just in France but also in Italy, in Great-Britain… everywhere our books can lead us. We are looking for writers who would like to publish with us and be part of this adventure, and for educators, booksellers, librarians, or reading groups willing to help us diffuse our books.

We publish for free. We are against vanity/hybrid press. All the rights belong to the authors. As an NPO, we do not receive -and do not offer- any kind of payment. The only purpose is to share nice books with the young.

If you have any project to share with us, make sure that it respects the criteria described in this page. Send your work, a short synopsis and a short biography with your main publishing experience in a single Word document renamed as follows: Title_Author_Date. If you convince us, we will be glad to help you create and distribute your book.


​Association Culturelle Articoli Liberi, loi 1901
9, rue de Foresta – 06300 Nice – France
email: articoliliberiblog@gmail.com

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