“Everything begins in the schools”. ―Pepe Mujica

We give our books for free and we diffuse them on different occasions, such as literary festivals, through reading groups, or more often during our encounters with middle and high school students. Since 2014, we have offered more than 10.000 copies and presented at Florida State University, University of Kentucky, Augusta University, Festival della letteratura di Firenze, and elsewhere.
You can find us on Amazon and other online platforms. Some libraries in the U.S. and France already have our books in their catalogue. Now we are working on a more extended distribution program to libraries and bookstores. We are on the way!

We are looking forward to receiving your invitation and meeting you!
Aspettiamo nuovi inviti!
Alors vous aussi faites passez le mot !

MANY THANKS TO: UniPop, Rocca di Papa – Liceo Cassini, Sanremo – Collège Joseph Vernier, Nice – Scuole Medie, Sanremo e Arma di Taggia – Ist. Massimo Troisi, San Giorgio a Cremano, Napoli – Liceo scientifico di Ceccano – Istituto nautico, Salerno – Liceo scientifico Besta Gloriosi, Battipaglia – Festival della Letteratura di Salerno – Festival Firenze RiVista – Florida State University Library – SAMLA ’88 – Augusta University – Scuole Elementari di Altamura – Columbia County Alternative School – Fox Creek High School, South Carolina – University of Kentucky, Lexington-KY – Literacy Math Center, Augusta-GA – Associazione Il Giglio, Capo Milazzo – Liceo Scientifico E. Fermi, Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte – Augusta University Libraries – Reese Library, Augusta-GA

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