“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. ―Nelson Mandela

Articoli Liberi is a multilingual project. We are a nonprofit organization based in the south of France, born to diffuse free books among middle and high school students.

We are a group of friends, all different from each other, but united by a big passion: reading. A book keeps in its pages the ideas of the person who wrote it, but also those of the person who reads it and will speak about it. In order to exchange our ideas, we started exchanging books.

Our mission is to offer free books to schools and young people all over the world. We print and distribute free of charge, and we use the proceeds from the online sales to print extra copies. The objective is to join as more students as we can and pass down the importance of reading to the new generation.

Reading can help us overcome this disastrous era and teach us how to protect ourselves from the modern politics of hate and obsessive competition. Reading can help us not only to change the way we see the world, but also the way the world sees us.

We aim to promote stories of authors that show a great attachment to their city of birth and can describe it better than any tourist guide. Books with an intelligent critical approach to the problems of modern societies.

We think that we have a responsibility: to guarantee the quality of every text before offering it to the students. Therefore, we have decided to publish books that have been positively reviewed; enriching stories, considered of pedagogical and cultural value. In one word: nice books.

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